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How Can I fit all my wishlist into my new kitchen

It seems like an impossible feat.

Your kitchen designer will always try to make the seemingly impossible possible. It’s amazing what clever layouts can do. It’s helpful, though, to create two wishlists – one for the parts that are for aesthetic reasons, and the other that’s all about function. Then, rank them in order of priority. It’s a process that really helps you to think through what are the genuine must-haves and what are the would-be-nice-to-haves. As kitchen designers, we aren’t magicians – if you have a small cottage kitchen and you want an island, a double larder and huge pan drawers might be pushing it – but we try to be!

'Start by mind mapping and scribbling down all the features of your dream kitchen

'This is the place for blue sky thinking. Which design style have you been eager to embrace? What appliances or luxury gadgets do you crave? Write down everything you’ve always longed for. You should also reflect on what isn’t working for you in your current set-up.'

You can include more intangible ideas on this list that your designer can help with – colours , different countertop finishes, and so on.

'Fine-tune your wishlist by perusing sites and social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz for interior design inspiration. Magazines and brochures are useful resources too, the more you’ll begin to get a fe

el for the style of kitchen you prefer.

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