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Larder Love

Ask anyone what’s on their kitchen wishlist and you can bet your bottom dollar that a larder’s going to be in their top three. Sure they look great and have buckets of storage, but what about the parts that you don’t really notice until later down the line? The unsung. The understated. They’re the bits that really make you fall in love.

All-sort racks Larders with storage racks on the inside of the cabinet doors are just brilliant at giving you a place to group like-things together. You can put all your spices in them so you have everything close to hand when you’re cooking. Or, turn one of the racks into a breakfast pantry with teas at the top, jams and preserves in a row beneath, and boxes of lovely-looking cereal below that.

Zigzag shelving Shelves are a given in a larder, but when they’re on zigzag brackets, it means there are dozens of teeth (one every 45mm in our case), so you have the maximum amount of flexibility. Plus, oak zigzags are an age-old system so they’re a nice nod to tradition. Tardis-like depth The best larders are those that go back and back – so much so it feels like you can almost climb on in. Make the most of that depth by looking out for freestanding ledges that change up the height inside so that you can easily see everything on each level.

Soft-close oak stubs and hidden magnets These are the bits that you might never even spy, but boy you’d miss them if they were gone. Larders like Suffolk have hidden magnets inside the cabinet door so they shut snugly, but without a shiny magnet distracting from the door design. Our Henley and Limehouse larders have these little oak dowels that take the weight of the larder door, cushioning it so there’s no noise when it shuts, and popping themselves back into their hidey-hole after. It’s the little things that matter.

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