Woods of London are the premier stockist for Lacanche Range Cookers in London based in Blackheath where we are a few minutes from the main line station , we also have local parking in the village enabling easy access to our store where we can assist customers in their selection of the ideal Range built to your specifications. 

Our display shows the Cluny Modern 100 Range Cooker which shows the true quality from this leading Range supplier. 

                                               Modern Lacanche cooker



A foundry was established in the village of Lacanche, deep in the Burgundian countryside in France, over 200 years ago, and range cookers have been manufactured there by hand ever since, both for the commercial and domestic markets.

Apart from their extraordinary heritage, what makes Lacanche range cookers so different from other range cookers on the market today, is that they are still made to exacting standards by hand to order. Although we can often supply the popular Macon range from UK stock.


They are solid and built to last, offering years of service in a demanding environment. They offer phenomenal, truly professional performance, and extraordinary versatility. They have a deliberate, implicit simplicity, making them simple to use and maintain. There is an almost infinite variety of configurations combining the wide range of models with the various hob types, oven types, built in hob options, dual fuel options, shape and size. Lacanche range cookers are individual, made to your own specification. They are also renowned for their elegant looks with 25 beautiful enamel finishes to choose from (or stainless steel) and four different trims.


A few words from Jean-Christophe Novelli…Jean-Christophe Novelli

“The top end of the culinary world is a world without compromise. Whether it’s the ingredients used, the effort and time spent preparing and cooking food, the presentation – the highest standard is the goal.

That is why I have purchased a Lacanche range cooker for use in my own kitchen and the Novelli Academy Cookery School.

I need a cooker without compromise which will deliver the same performance as the ranges I use in professional kitchens. Lacanche offers just this, with power, performance and versatility elegantly dressed in a beautiful enamel exterior. Lacanche, with its commercial pedigree and long history, has a proud place in the tradition of French gastronomy, and will give you years of pleasure in your home.”


Please take a little little time to soak up some of the tradition and sense of purpose behind Lacanche range cookers. The factory is still independent and family-owned and is guided by a belief that it is still worth creating a product of substance, combining beauty with strength and practicality; tradition and heritage with the latest technological innovations, to create a true centrepiece to a kitchen and home. They are enormous fun to use, make light of even the busiest cooking schedules, are responsive, versatile and elegant range cookers.


The brand has been selling successfully in the UK for nearly 20 years, and as in other countries, many of our most respected chefs, cooks, cookery writers and journalists have a Lacanche range cooker. These include Raymond Blanc, Simon Rogan, Richard Hughes, Jean-Christophe Novelli, Rose Prince, Delia Smith, Rowley Leigh, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Anton Edelman, Lloyd Grossman, Kevin Woodford and Ken Hom to name but a few.


If you have any questions, would like more details, pricing or to see a display model or a live Lacanche demonstration then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Many customers have enjoyed years of pleasure and culinary fulfilment from their Lacanche range cookers.



                                      Image result for lacanche cluny modern 100 black

                                                          The Cluny Modern 100 Range Cooker ( Woods of London have a display model)



Installation & Commissioning Your Lacanche Range Cooker

Installation and Commissioning should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s Installer’s Manual and also current Gas Safe and IEE regulations. In order that installation and commissioning is carried out correctly you should use a suitable qualified and Gas Safe registered engineer. Your local Lacanche stockists can advise. The appropriate installation guidance for your cooker will be sent with the order acknowledgement.

Note: COMMISSIONING IS CRUCIAL for the correct operation of your Lacanche. Failure to have your Lacanche commissioned correctly will result in over/under performance of burners and ovens and inconsistent temperatures.

Building Guidance
Oven Range Dimensions PDF

Power Supply/Services

After ordering your Lacanche range cooker information will be sent to you detailing what services you will require to power the cooker.


Electric feeds will be standard single phase 230 volt supply. On some larger models including many electric features, two such supplies may be required and this will be notified in the information sent to you after placing your order. On request, Lacanche range cookers can be built for three phase electricity.


Information on the gas power/requirement of your cooker will be provided after your order has been placed. We offer the appropriate flexihose for the type of gas (LPG or Natural Gas), which is designed to plug into a female half inch / 15mm bayonet fitting on site (location to be advised in post order confirmation).

Building-In Guidance

When the appliance is being built into a run of units a gap of 5mm must be maintained either side of the appliance.

The stainless steel hob of the appliance should not be lower than the adjoining worktops. The worktops can butt up to the hob

Lacanche range cookers are designed to sit proud of the adjacent units. Units adjacent to the cooker should not sit flush or proud of the cooker doors (including oven, simmer oven and cupboard doors), but should sit flush with the main body of the cooker, for side opening cupboard or simmer oven doors to open wide enough to insert or remove shelves.

If the furniture next to the range is deeper than 595mm, the cooker will need to be moved forward. The gap at the rear of the cooker can be filled by using the Lacanche Back Infill Panel.

For cookers situated in confined spaces (e.g. inglenooks) with the gas oven, or with wall tiles on the back wall behind and above the cooker, we recommend using the island spacer. Wall units that are placed to the left and the right of the cooker must be a minimum distance of 450mm above the hob on both sides.

Wall units or over mantles that are at worktop height to the left or the right of the hob must be a minimum distance of 100mm from the sides of the hob top.

Any combustible materials directly above the cooker must be a minimum of 750mm from the top of the cooker, and the minimum height of an over mantle is 750mm.

It is advisable to have a wipe clean surface on the wall behind the cooker such as our stainless steel backsplashes.

The above dimensions must be adhered to. FdeF Limited is not responsible for degradation of paintwork or material adjoining the cooker.